10 Best Shampoo for Hair Fall in India 2019

best shampoo for hair fall in India

Women are in a great need of best shampoo for hair fall in India. The reason is the increasing problem of hair fall due to dust and pollution. 

There are many natural ways to prevent hair fall, but that needs patience. These natural remedies do not work immediately. Women need something instant which is the reason they run behind shampoos and other treatments of the salon. 

You will find several shampoos in the market that claims to be a guaranteed solution of hair fall. It’s all depends upon suitability. If some brand of shampoo does not provide effective results, it is possible that it was not the right treatment for your hair or it may not suit your hair.

How to make a selection of best shampoo for hair fall and hair growth

Your selection of shampoo should be right if you want effective results. Some brand may suit your friend or relative but it may be ineffective for your hair. 

It’s not the mistake of shampoo; it’s your selection that may be wrong. It’s better to do little research about yourself while selecting the right shampoo for you.

Give your hair nature love

Your hair demands nature love which is lost these days due to increased dust and pollution in the environment. You should choose such shampoo that contains natural ingredients and fewer chemicals. It will be a smart choice for your hair. 

The chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Myreth Sulfate, Siloxanes, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfates, Propylene Glycol, Derivatives of Lauryl Alcohol and Olefin Sulfonate, etc. have bad impacts on your hair. It is better to avoid them and go for natural ingredient shampoos.

Choose according to your hair type

You should be clear about your hair type before making a selection of shampoo. You will find different shampoo for dry hair, oily hair and combination hair. 

If you will choose the shampoo which is not according to your hair type, it is a waste of money. No matter how many brands you will change the results will be zero

PH level should be right

The shampoo giving optimum PH level to your hair must be selected. Your scalp should not be too dry if you want your hair to be healthy

Lather in the shampoo

If your shampoo is giving less lather, it means it includes lesser chemicals and it is good for your hair. Such shampoos will grasp more dirt and oils from your hair and provide less damage. More the chemicals more could be the damage.

Benefits of best shampoo in India for hair fall

The benefit of the shampoo will depend upon the brand you are using. If the shampoo is according to your hair type, it will provide benefits to your hair. The shampoos are not the permanent solution for hair fall. 

You need to have a good protein diet that will help in growing your hair naturally. You need to eat healthy for giving internal strength to your hair. The shampoo that does not lather much and does not contain added fragrance or artificial color is good for your hair growth. 

Your shampoo must include natural herbs as it will strengthen the roots and ultimately hair fall will be minimized. Hair conditioning is also important for the best results of shampoo. But use natural hair conditioning methods. 

Hair fall shampoos help in preventing breakage and strengthen the weak strands. Shampoos will moisturize your hair, maintain its required PH level and it will start becoming strong day by day.
Your Hair will become rich in vitamins and amino acids required. Vitamins have their benefits on the human body including hair. Lack of vitamins may weaken your hair. Vitamins help in providing the required protein to your hair and it will grow fast.
Split ends will reduce and your hair texture will get improve.
Hair dryness will reduce and your hair will become more soft, strong and healthy. Dryness in your hair will cause white flakes and ultimately your hair starts falling. Natural herbs present in your shampoo will provide necessary moisture and hair will be less.

Top 10 best shampoo for hair fall in India

Deciding best shampoo for your hair is not a hassle. Just know your hair better and give them what they want. Here are the best shampoos that are used for hair fall in India:

1. WOW apple cider shampoo

WOW apple cider shampoo

WOW, apple cider shampoo includes pure apple extracts. It includes apple cider vinegar which is natural and there are no harmful chemicals like Sulphate and paraben that are harmful to your hair. 

Apple cider vinegar works amazingly by retaining the required moisture. It reduces split ends and the result is healthy hair growth. The problems of your hair like dandruff, itchy and dry scalp is cured because vinegar has antibacterial and antifungal action. 

Apple cider vinegar will unclog the crust built around the follicles. The PH balance in hair scalp will be maintained. The circulation in hair follicles will become smooth and roots will be strengthened. 

The growth of hair depends upon the right circulation. The shine and smoothness of your hair will be restored.

Pros of WOW apple cider vinegar shampoo

The ingredients are natural and promising, It will not provide harm to your hair.
In one wash you will see the difference. The oil and dirt will be removed completely.
It contains no harmful chemicals such as paraben and Sulphate.
It comes in pump packing which is easy to use.

Cons of WOW apple cider vinegar shampoo

Hair may become tangled
Dryness in hair may increase if it does not suit your hair type

2. Indulekha Bringha Anti Hair fall shampoo

Indulekha Bringha Anti Hair fall shampoo

Indulekha is launched to target severe hair fall problems. Its benefits on hair are known to everyone. It is claimed that it contains extracts of 9 bhringraj plants. You can say it is an ayurvedic medicine for your hair. 

It will revive and regenerate new hair and restore natural goodness that your hair possesses. Bhringraj has cooling properties that will arrest hair fall and cool down your scalp. 

Amla will provide lust to your hair and your hair follicles will become strong. Tulsi will treat itchy scalp and improves the circulation of blood in your hair. Along will Amla, Neem will also treat your itchy scalp and will help in removing dandruff. 

Madhyantika will give you shiny hair. Every herb present in shampoo has its benefits and ultimately your hair will become healthy.

Pros of Indulekha Bringha Anti Hair fall shampoo

It gets rinse off very easily and packaging is good.
The consistency of the shampoo is good.
It foams up well even if it is an ayurvedic shampoo.
Your scalp will be cleaned properly and problems like itchiness, dryness, and dandruff will be treated.
Your hair will start looking healthier and shinier.
No unpleasant and added fragrance. Natural plant extracts are used to manufacture this shampoo.
Your hair will become soft and bouncy.
It is safe to use on colored or salon treated hair.

Cons of Indulekha Bringha Anti Hair fall shampoo

The fragrance of herbs is very sharp and may not be liked by all.
Your hair may become frizzy.

3. Dove Intense repair shampoo

Dove Intense repair shampoo

Dove Intense repair shampoo claims that it will reconstruct your hair and reduces breakage and split ends. Its fiber actives work by deeply penetrating porous hair and result is reconstructed hair from within. 

The hairs are strengthened from root to tip through its micro moisturize serum formula. The shampoo is white having dove signature fragrance. The lather of the shampoo is good which means it may contain some chemicals. 

It is claimed by this product that hair will get nourished after every wash. The damage protection will increase after every wash and repair is visible. You can forget problems dryness, roughness, hair fall and split ends.

The results of this shampoo can be short term as well as long term depending upon the level of damage. Dove intense repair shampoo will give life to your hair.

Pros of Dove Intense repair shampoo

The shampoo has a very nice fragrance. Its dove brand signature smell that is found in all dove products.
The split ends and breakage of hair is repaired. 
The cost of the shampoo is not too high and it is easily affordable to all.
Your hair will become soft and shinier and roots will become strong that will ultimately reduce hair loss.

Cons of Dove Intense repair shampoo

This shampoo contains too many chemicals that may harm your hair.
Silicon is present in this shampoo that may have a bad impact on your hair.

4. Kesh King Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Kesh King Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

It is medicine for your scalp and hair and helps in preventing hair fall. The problems like dry scalp, tangled hair, lesser nourishment will be resolved with the use of this shampoo. 

The regular use of this shampoo for 21 days will provide visible results. If you wish to use kesh king oil also, then gently massage your hair with Kesh King Oil in the night. Rinse off with Kesh King Shampoo to get better results. The smell of the shampoo is mild and a bit herbal. 

It is an ayurvedic product and those who are a big fan of Ayurveda must try this shampoo. The good part of this shampoo is that it contains natural herbs. The results will depend on the suitability of the shampoo. It may vary from person to person. 

If it suits your hair, results will be good otherwise not. There is a possibility that herbs may cause allergy. It is always better to do a patch test.

Pros of Kesh King Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

The packaging of the product is nice and it is easy and comfortable in use
The texture of the product is very smooth and the fragrance is mild. It will give an herbal touch to your nose
It works as ayurvedic medicine for your hair.
The ingredients of this product include many natural herbs that are not bad for your hair. Even if it does not suit your hair type, it will not harm them.

Cons of Kesh King Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

You may feel itching if it does not suit your hair type
It may not properly clean the scalp and effect of the shampoo lasts only for one day.

5. Head and Shoulders Smooth & silky shampoo

Head and Shoulders Smooth & silky shampoo

This shampoo claims to remove dryness and frizziness of your hair in just one wash. Its 2-in-1 range has amazing results. It is the first time in India that have combining effects of shampoo and conditioner and fights with hair problems like dandruff very well. 

It will make your hair softer and shinier. In spite of that, your hair will become lighter and scalp will be cleaned of dandruff. You will feel that it controls dandruff very well. It means the product does actually what it claims. 

The fragrance is very sweet and it will linger in your hair for long. The best thing about this shampoo is it does not dry your hair like other shampoos. The cost of this product is not much and it can be affordable by all.

Pros of Head and Shoulders Smooth & silky shampoo

The bottle packaging is good and safe for travel.
The scalp will be cleaned completely without making the hair dry. You will start loving your hair.
The conditioning effect in the shampoo will make your hair soft and healthy.
It controls dandruff and completes its promises.
The fragrance is sweet and long-lasting.
The cost of the product is reasonable and affordable to all.

Cons of Head and Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo

The cap of the bottle is slightly hard to use.
It may leave the end hair dry if your hair is long.

6. Biotique Green Apple Shampoo and Conditioner

Biotique Green Apple Shampoo and Conditioner

This product includes extracts of green apple, sea algae and Centella. It provides natural minerals and proteins to your hair and nourishes the scalp properly. 

It retains the natural PH balance of your hair and your hair will become shinier. If your hair and dry and frizzy, it will work effectively and will control the dryness of your hair. You need not apply conditioner separately as it will condition them well and make them soft and smooth. 

Your hair will be cleaned up properly and hair fall will be controlled. The cost of this product is very reasonable. The ingredients present in the product are botanical.

Pros of Biotique Green Apple Shampoo and Conditioner

The packing of the product is sturdy and good for traveling.
The smell is very fresh and makes you remember fresh green apples.
It will clean your hair scalp completely and you need only a small amount of this product.
Dryness of your hair will be controlled and it will shine more.
Problems of the hair like hair fall, frizzy hair, etc. will be resolved. You need not separately apply conditioner as its natural extracts will make your hair soft.

Cons of Biotique Green Apply Shampoo and Conditioner

Though the company claims that only natural extracts are used, there are other ingredients too that are not mentioned on the packing. The complete list of ingredients is not provided by the company.
For extra dry hair, this product will not provide satisfactory results. You may need to apply a separate conditioner to control the dryness.

7. Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Amla and Bhringraj hair cleanser

Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Amla and Bhringraj hair cleanser

This product has a triple impact on your hair. It will strengthen the roots of your hair, deeply condition them and leave a healthy scalp. Your hair fall will be reduced and the growth of the hair will be natural. 

The new hair will be stronger and healthier as compared to old ones. The SLS and paraben are not present in this product. It is made up of natural extracts of Neem, Henna, Reetha, Bhringraj, Amla, and Haritaki. You can say it is natural herbal shampoo free of silicone. 

It will remove extra oil and leave necessary moisture in your hair. The ingredients used in the shampoo does not have any side effects as they are natural.

Pros of Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Amla and Bhringraj hair cleanser

This product is paraben and SLS free. It’s all ingredients are natural and do not have any bad impact on your hair.
Your hair fall problem will be controlled completely.
It will leave required moisture in your hair and will clean the scalp properly.
New hair growth will be promoted. Your new hair will be healthier than older ones.
The roots will be strengthened internally which is the reason healthy hair will grow naturally.
The cost of the product is reasonable and can be purchased by all.

Cons of Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Amla and Bhringraj Hair cleanser

If your scalp is too dry, it may leave the dry scalp and your hair may become frizzier
You may need to apply a separate conditioner as it is not good for dry hair

8. Jeevanras Mukti Gold hair wash combo

Jeevanras Mukti Gold hair wash combo

It is another herbal shampoo contains natural herbs. This product will repair your cells and roots of the hair will be revitalized. It will increase the length of your hair by strengthening them from roots. 

For better results, apply Axiom Mukti Gold juice oil night before the wash. Its ingredients are natural that includes Bramhi, Neem, Bawachi, Bhringraj, amba, Rose, Belpatra. It also helps in avoiding premature greying of hair. 

You need to apply as per the requirement and the result is controlled dandruff and smooth hair. It is safer for your hair and the cost is reasonable. It is worth to spend such amount if such great results are achieved.

Pros of Jeevanras Mukti Gold Hairwash combo

It is WHO certified and has no harmful properties.
It will strengthen your roots and increase the length of your hair by preventing hair fall.
The lather is less as natural foaming agents are used like Reetha.
Your hair will feel fresh even after the first wash.
The cost of the shampoo is affordable. It is worth to spend the money if the results are visible.
It smells great and cleans your hair well. It is pure ayurvedic and reduces hair fall slowly.
The itching will be removed in just 3 washes.

Cons of Jeevanras Mukti Gold Hairwash Combo

If it does not suit your hair, it may cause hair fall and dry scalp. You should buy it only if it suits your hair. Do not go by other people views.
It may cause allergy as herbs may not suit all the people. It is better to do a patch test if you want to avoid any allergic action.

9. Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

This product has many variants available in the market suiting your hair type. If your hair is frizzy, you can go for this variant. Your hair will become manageable, gorgeous and will get back its shine. 

The frizz will be controlled for 48 hours if used with conditioner. You can use any style on your hair as your hair will get straightened. You can use it on oiled hair too. 

It will take 2 washes to remove oil from your hair completely. This is because Sulphate amount is low as a result of which it does not take off oil in a single wash. 

If you are using it without oiling your hair, your hair may get bit dry but it will take single wash to clean your hair. It gives best results if used with conditioner.

Pros of Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

Your hair will be cleaned well using this shampoo and it will restore the keratin in your hair.
Your hair will not become frizzy and overly dry. Tangles will be removed and no additional tangles will be given by this product.
Your hair will become healthier. The smoothness of your hair will increase if it is used with the conditioner.
The cost of the product is reasonable and easily affordable.
It comes in various sizes. You can buy a smaller one to check whether it will suit your hair or not.

Cons of Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

It is not good without the conditioner. You need to spend money on conditioner too if you want good results of this product.
No extraordinary effects are given to your hair after the use of this product.

10. Sunsilk Lusciously Thick and Long Shampoo

Sunsilk Lusciously Thick and Long Shampoo

This product will give you thicker and longer hair. It will add volume to your hair because of its unique formula. It includes keratin yogurt complex which adds shine to your hair and long-lasting volume. 

It nourishes your roots and doubles the thickness of hair. Your hair will become bouncy naturally. This product offers essential nutrients to your hair. 

However, it does not stop any problems like itchiness, dandruff, and dry scalp. But it will help in hair fall and strengthen your hair. It is not an herbal shampoo and may include a lot of chemicals. It lathers well and used in less amount in every single wash.

Pros of Sunsilk Lusciously thick and long shampoo

It will make your hair shinier and bouncy.
Its fragrance is very pleasant will keep your hair refreshed.
It will clean the scalp well and reduce hair fall.
It will prevent breakage and make your hair thick. As a result, the length of your hair will increase.
The product is not expensive and easily affordable to all.

Cons of Sunsilk Lusciously thick and long shampoo

This product is not herbal and contains a lot of chemicals. The chemicals may harm your hair if used in excess. Your hair may get damaged.
It will not resolve any hair problem like itchiness, dryness and frizzy hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes hair loss?

There could be many reasons for hair loss. Most common are protein deficiency, anemia, low vitamin levels, chemotherapy, thyroid, etc. The hormonal changes in women can also result in hair loss. Any supplements are taken and medication will also result in hair loss as these supplements and medicines have side effects.

Does Dandruff cause hair fall?

Dandruff does not result in hair loss directly. Dandruff causes itchiness to your scalp, as a result, we start scratching the scalp. The scratching causes injury to your hair follicles and finally hair fall. To reduce hair fall, hair follicles must be kept healthy.

Does shampooing help reducing hair fall?

Yes, it is possible if you are using the right shampoo for your hair. The most important thing is shampoo must contain fewer chemicals. The chemicals badly affect your hair and other problems may start instead of resolving hair loss. There are a lot of herbal shampoos are available in the market that contains fewer chemicals and that may help you to prevent hair loss.

How many times you should wash your hair in a week?

It depends upon your hair type. If your hair is oily, you should wash them daily. However, dry hair should be washed a maximum two times a week. However, if your hair is normal, it’s your wish. You can wash them whenever you feel like. But you should always keep your hair clean.


Hair fall is a very common problem faced by a lot of people today. The reason could be internal or external. Internal reasons require internal treatment like removing deficiencies of protein and vitamins. However, external reasons can be resolved using the right shampoo. The shampoo that contains fewer chemicals and more natural herbs should be used. It will not harm your hair rather will resolve your hair problems. Your scalp will become clean itchiness will get reduced. As a result, your hair follicles will stay healthy which is the root cause of hair loss. If your hair is dry and difficult to manage without conditioner, try using natural conditioners.